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Rarely does a product category appeal to such a broad audience worldwide. While the reasons and volume people drink vary considerably, there is one common denominator. The need for a convenient, trustworthy and inexpensive source of safe drinking water is universal. The portability and simplicity of today’s technology make it more feasible than ever before to deliver low cost, highly efficient products suitable for the global consumer and disaster preparedness markets.

Understanding the basic tenants and operational limitations of existing and emerging technologies allows In-Tec to integrate the newest media’s and performance attributes into a variety of products to fit a broad range of applications. Personal Portable Water Bottles Filtration Purification SystemsWhether the objective is for a device suitable for personal use or larger groups, new technology can be scaled to efficiently accommodate the needs of diverse people and situations.

In-Tec Water Products, an OEM water filtration company / supplier, works confidentially with our customers to deliver an optimized solution that can be efficiently manufactured, transported, assembled and used. Product examples that can achieve optimal levels of performance include, portable bottles, collapsible bags, infant drinkware, canteens, bota bags, hydration packs, direct drink devices ( or “straw”), in line filters, bucket, barrel, travel and well filters. None of these purification systems would require pumps, pressurization or electricity.


Personal Portable Water Bottles


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