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Innovative Products For Water Filtration & Purification

In-Tec’s business is developing water filtration and purification products for our corporate customers. In-Tec’s founder and management were early participants in the category of consumer oriented products for water treatment, filtration and purification.

Today In-Tec is playing a significant role in the advancement of water filtration through the application of evolving nano technologies and media’s that can address drinking water challenges with greater performance efficiencies and lower costs than ever before.

Due to the scope of water problems and the diverse populations and cultures affected by water issues, In-Tec’s objective is to facilitate market entry for companies that have the ability to address specific segments of this large and complex market. In-Tec can contribute creative thought with a broad foundation of technical expertise, and provide proprietary private label manufacturing. These proven capabilities provide a service oriented resource for companies that want to accelerate new product development and quickly deliver products that address the problems found in water supplies around the world.

In-Tec has worked with customers in the U.S., United Kingdom, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America, Israel, Canada and Russia.

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