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IN-TEC Management

Jack Nohren, CEO

Mr. Nohren has over 35 years in developing products and technology for water filtration.
He has written and received over 20 U.S. Patents, 12 Foreign Patents and has another 5 Patents pending,
all relating to water filtration. B.S. Purdue and Drake University.



Joe Nohren, President

Joe Nohren has over 20 years of experience in the industrial and consumer water treatment and filtration business.
He has over 35 years combined experience in product development and consumer packaged goods, marketing, distribution and is a co-inventor of 1 U.S. Patent in water filtration. BA Business Administration, Rollins College.



Dr. Brad Mierau, Technical & Research Director

Mr. Mierau has over 25 years of experience in water filtration and microbiology, has written
or co-authored 20 U.S. patents. BS, MS Microbiology University of Nebraska, PhD Chemical Engineering,
University of South Florida.




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